Coming over a small rise in the road Catherine and Ceri caught their first sight of Virkiflyot. Before them was a hodgepodge of buildings. The varying styles reflecting how long the ancient fortress had stood. If you looked closely as you approached it from the west, you could make out portions of the original fortress peeking through.

The entry into the college grounds proper was through the original gates. The narrow archer slits on both sides and a murder hole above still guarded the way in, despite the fact that the complex of buildings making up the college had not been used as a fortress for over a hundred years.

Along the road leading to the college a small village of merchants had grown. Food stalls and farmer stands with their produce were scattered about. The more substantial buildings were a constable’s office, two inns and three pubs. The pubs were placed as close to the college as was allowed. Most days you could see students traveling between their favorite pub and the college. The traffic was enough that foot paths had been worn between the various entries and exits of the college and the pubs.

I don’t know if this will find it’s way into the next book in the series. But I thought I would share it.

About Dale

Stories have been a part of my life forever. I have heard them, read them, and told them as long as I can remember. I’ve written hundreds of stories. Bits and pieces of stories. This is my first novel. It is the result of a story that refused to die. It kept unreeling in my mind. After a year of this haunting, I had no choice but to write it. What started as a simple damsel in distress story changed once I met the damsel. As I wrote this set of stories the world I imagined grew. After rewrites, revisions, and letting it bake. I’ve discovered more. More of the politics of the region. More relationships between people. Now as I begin a sequel to this first book, I’m finding more complexity than I ever imagined and more loose strings that need to be explored.
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