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Stories have been a part of my life forever. I have heard them, read them, and told them as long as I can remember. I’ve written hundreds of stories. Bits and pieces of stories. This is my first novel. It is the result of a story that refused to die. It kept unreeling in my mind. After a year of this haunting, I had no choice but to write it. What started as a simple damsel in distress story changed once I met the damsel. As I wrote this set of stories the world I imagined grew. After rewrites, revisions, and letting it bake. I’ve discovered more. More of the politics of the region. More relationships between people. Now as I begin a sequel to this first book, I’m finding more complexity than I ever imagined and more loose strings that need to be explored.

Politics in Alfheim

The Chancellors chambers The meeting had started with a debate about the King ‘s establishing the Boar Akarn landskap. Of course, the Traditionalists were against it. Those arguments had taken up the better part of two shadows. Chancellor Alfsson, in … Continue reading

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The little store on West Graham

I must have been somewhere between four and six when Mom took me into the small mom-and-pop grocery store on West Graham Avenue. An older couple ran the place. Once upon a time, I knew the name of the little … Continue reading

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From the “Tales of the Grey Knight”

Edel surveyed her castle. The repairs were progressing. If they had another week, it would be defensible. With a month more time, it would control the field. She envisioned a ballista sitting on the top of each of the two … Continue reading

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The Arnarhvall Waterfront

Catherine and Ceri stood near the bow of the King’s barge and watched the Auselfra. The seemingly calm river had become covered with eddies and swirls, giving evidence of the currents once hidden in its depths.  The river narrowed, and … Continue reading

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How do I say those crazy names?

To show the Dragon’s Spine world is an entirely alien world, perhaps I got a bit creative in the names. They are all based on who the character is. I have liberally named each person from a variety of languages. … Continue reading

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Bare’s Den on Spotify

So I found a service that working with WordPress will read my posts for Spotify. Here is a link Spotify – Bare’s Den | Podcast on Spotify See hwat you think.

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A scene with a question

I have a scene ending with this paragraph. The problem is. At one time I knew what the secret was. Now Karl won’t tell me what it is. Any ideas? I tried interrogating him. He remained silent. Like most immortals … Continue reading

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Verin – Newborn

I need to work on the sequel to “In the shadow of the Dragon’s Spine”. But no. the one two three books in what I’m calling the “Vengeance” set of stories is disturbing me. That’s the story I’m telling today. … Continue reading

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Dear friends and family. If you’ve read “In the Shadow of the Dragon’s Spine” Please give it a review on Amazon. Thanks

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The politics of Alfheim

Politics has invaded my story. It is not American politics but the strange politics of a noble assembly that exercises some control over the purse strings. And a King who generates much of the income by protecting the trading network. … Continue reading

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