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Jason, travel guide

Every adventure a surprise. We were in the Bahamas on vacation with family. Jason invited us to see the low tide pools they had visited before we got there. The twins declared that they would stay with their mother. They … Continue reading

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Vacation Bible School

Long a go in a state not so far away, I went to a vacation bible school. My memories of this are incomplete but some things stand out. My mom drove me there. It was a small Baptist church that … Continue reading

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My grand Mother Bare

A cousin has asked me to share memories of my Grandparents Bare. I thought I’d share a few here. My memories of Grandma Bare are mostly vague. I do recall sitting at the kitchen table with her, Grandpa Bare, My … Continue reading

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Memories of my Grandfather Bare

My memories about of my Grandpa Bare are vague and assisted by old home movies (That I seem to have misplaced). I remember once or possibly twenty times going to the old home place to visit. Once Dad was taking … Continue reading

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As I remember.

I wrote this some time ago. Thought I would share this here I was around 10 the first time I saw an African-American. Two dark men in work clothes had backed a truck full of hay up to my Cub … Continue reading

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So I got control of the twitter account using my email. The twitter agents were helpful. It was more of waiting, than anything else. So now I need to do more writing.

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I’m all atwitter tonight because of twitter. On the advice of my Niece, Amy, I decided to open a twitter account. Much to my surprise I discovered that there was already and account open under my preferred email address. Not … Continue reading

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