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Biruce the pockmarked

A naked corpse slowly shuffled into view. In the dim light cast by the slit window above them it was hideous. Pockmarks covered its entire body. The little unmarked skin it had was gray. Pieces of skin and flesh hung … Continue reading

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Gerhart watches

Alfred noticed that they were being watched as he and Edel practiced with their wastes and bucklers. This was Monday of the third week. Most of the time that Colin wasn’t yelling at them he was just shaking his head. … Continue reading

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Strangers in town

A cold mist was falling. The wind blew just enough to give a body a chill. It had been like this the entire day. The tavern was filled with locals, each nursing a mug of mulled wine. The farmers had … Continue reading

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Sparring partner

Alfred was in a miserable mood. No sooner than he had finished his chores and was ready to begin the new book he had found in the church. Apparently, the priest, Father Fitzpatrick also enjoyed adventure tales. The thick volume … Continue reading

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Roast Boar

Outside the tavern, it was a chill drippy night. It wasn’t much this tavern. Situated as it was in a backwater village overshadowed by a castle that may have once been important. Whatever trade route it had been built to … Continue reading

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Jason, travel guide

Every adventure a surprise. We were in the Bahamas on vacation with family. Jason invited us to see the low tide pools they had visited before we got there. The twins declared that they would stay with their mother. They … Continue reading

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Vacation Bible School

Long a go in a state not so far away, I went to a vacation bible school. My memories of this are incomplete but some things stand out. My mom drove me there. It was a small Baptist church that … Continue reading

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