It has been a long time since I posted. Try this

She woke out of a drug-induced haze. How many days, weeks, had disappeared?

At first, during the few hours, her mind approached clarity she had hoped for rescue. But now that her healing gifts had cleared her mind, she knew. She knew no rescue was coming. No one in her home village of Boar Akarn would have been foolish enough to attempt a rescue from the giant beasts who had dragged her from her home. In the backwoods of Alfheim, they were known as yetann.

These were not the reclusive mountain yetann. No, they were the lyion yetann that populated the horror stories from the past. Now she saw just how terrible they were. They stood almost 10 feet tall. Their paws held wicked claws that were as large as daggers. Would even the king’s scouts, if they had known of her plight, attempt a rescue?

How would she battle for her freedom? She had no hope for help. How would she fight with only her healing gifts and the training she had received? She began to plot how best to die battling enemies she never knew she had.

Then an impossible mix of mythical creatures and scouts in training appeared. Hope once more blossomed in her heart.

And in a world long abandoned by its gods the legendary Dryad and Greenman help introduce the world once more to powers lost long ago.

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