Grumble disturbs the world once more

I’ve been neglectful. Amazon has proposed a new service that uses episodes. This looks as if it could be an opportunity for more people to see my work. So, I’ve been in the process of adjusting my Grey Knight series to that possibility. If I go that route, you will not see any of that story here. Amazon insists that I can’t give away anything appearing in their new service.

Then a grumble disturbed my lazy morning today. The first paragraph you may have seen before. I hope to update Grumble’s story on some regular schedule of which I am not now aware.


The great demon Grumble poked at the edges of this prison. It carefully examined those parameters. Even after sleeping ten thousand years, Grumble feared what those guards might do if they caught it trying to escape. Two hundred of the time bound’s years passed. He was now confident that those beings who guarded the gates were gone or distracted. Grumble’s servants, the fools, having been persuaded by promises, began preparation for his return.


They were at it again. Those erstwhile followers of an aspect Grumble had presented to other temporal fools. The rituals they were using had no real attachment to the ones those earlier fools had performed. The fact that they were summoning her was all that Grumble needed. Across the planet in this particular cosmos, another group was performing similar rituals to a male aspect. They were much less dedicated and did not present as much opportunity for escape. Grumble left them to their imaginations and would lend them no part of himself for now.

These women now were bending nicely to his desires. The trickle of force Grumble allowed them, let them think they were in control of the potency they attempted to manipulate. Just a bare trickle was all Grumble allowed, lest the One notice. The ones that so long ago decided that they were Grumble’s guards would not notice until the flow was a stream. By the time they were aware, even if they returned to make sure Grumble was securely confined, they would not be able to stop what Grumble was starting. Grumble did not think that it was misjudging the One’s response. Grumble would be entertained even if Grumble had no escape. Escape was Grumble’s desire, so once more, the limits of the cage Grumble was in would be tested.

The One perceived something. An infinitesimal part took notice. What weakness would come forward to defeat the creature that called itself Grumble this time? Foolish thing, pushing against perceived limits. Its struggle would attract champions that had the evil defeated before they started. The dance they performed would be because of their need, not as many imagined, the need to call the trouble to the One’s attention.

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