Wedi’s Adventure

In working on the sequel To “In the Shadow of the Dragon’s Spine. I decided this bit added too much distraction from the main line of the store. (Somewhere in the depths of my mind there is a story line) So I took it out and am sharing it here.

On the Ritsker docks

“Hard, thankless work. That’s what it is.” Wedi complained to himself. Complaining to the other laborers would be useless. “Dumb sheep.” He thought. Not much different than the pack beast he had been before. They gave him coin at the end of the day. “humph” That was to buy him food and a place to sleep. And not much more.

The only good difference that he saw was he could walk away from this job. That’s what he intended to do soon.

He knew that there was more to life than to work and eat. Females were a waste of time. He did not court the free females. Did not pay for the use of those who sold themselves. No. What he wanted. Needed was something else entirely. He hungered to once more taste the power of the blade. He was sure he could find his way back to where the green man hid it.

Once there, he would be the one to hold the blade. He would decide who died and who served him. He could almost taste the terror he and his followers would ravage the world with. Another day or two, and he would leave. He had the coin to travel upriver. He could work on the way to the mountain. Even with the taste of the blade denied him, he knew he could find his way back to it.

Wedi helped lower the last crate of the day. It was labeled “Win of Valdres.” Bits of hay peaked between the boards that made the crate.

“I could use some wine.” He thought as he walked out of the warehouse. Wine would not satiate the craving he endured daily, but it would blunt its force, at least a little. He walked up to where the foreman was handing out the day’s wages.

He headed for Clem’s. There he had a room. To call it small would suggest more than a bed could fit into it. The door opened out and blocked the hall that allowed access to the room. Two people could not pass at a time, forcing the occupants to take turns entering and leaving their rooms.

Soon that would no longer trouble him.

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