I got a text from my sister last week, with a picture of her holding my book. I knew my acknowledgment at the end of my book was missing some people. Carrie, my wife, commented on how supportive my family is. And she is right. I live in an amazing support network. I hope I fill my part as much as all of those friends and family do in my life. How do I mention them all?

You see, I realize that this network stretches far beyond what I can see. There are my sisters, Anita and Patti) My children (David, Jenni, Lynette, Alison, and Tim), My wife (Carrie), My friends, their friends, and friends of friends I’m not aware of. Each person in this network strengthens it and helps each person extend themselves to offer that support to those around us.

Thank you! All of you. Despite the storms that may pass over each of us. We have those in our lives who form a shelter for us all.

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