Greyson and the bothersome little knight

It was a gray morning the sun was overcast. The clouds were rolling in. Grey thought the wind would blow him away on days it was like this. Grey was rather small for his age. 105 to be exact. He didn’t remember the date of his birth it was so long ago, and he was quite small at the time. Now he was larger and grown-up. His father had been larger. But Grey liked his size. Except on days like this. It was so windy that he hesitated to just fly away. His great longtail switched back and forth barely missing the trees that were behind.

The knight who was in front of him scowled at him. He expected a flame to explode from Grey’s mouth. But Grey preferred not to use his magic in that way. It always gave him indigestion.

Grey pondered the problem. What was he to do with this silly little man? He preferred not to eat him. Humans were disgusting in their taste and smell. What in the world would have brought this silly little man to bother him in such a rude way? He liked the sound, so he said it again to himself. “Silly little man.”

While Grey watched him, Andy wondered why he ever came to this forest. He supposed it was the substantial reward the King of Perry had offered. Andy had been in a neighboring principality chasing goblins when he heard about the reward.  

The sum of money was substantial. Ten times what he received for ridding the principality of the goblins. The hand of the king’s daughter was also a possibility. Andy thought she was somewhat pretty. Being the king’s son in law would have certain advantages.

She hadn’t seemed interested in him. She had been polite while they talked. No more than that. The reason for killing the dragon seemed a stretch. Something about sheep and the king’s deer.  Andy was troubled that the dragon lived across the river. Across the river was outside the domain of the King of Perry.

Looking at the size of this dragon now made Andy hesitate. The sword and lance he carried would require him to get close to it. Its tail was twitching back and forth. All the trees behind the dragon were knocked down. It appeared to Andy that if the dragon wanted to, he could send him sailing with one strike from that tail.

His crossbow would be his weapon of choice if he had a choice. He didn’t. It was tied to his horse. His horse had bolted the first time the dragon roared.

“What do you want silly little man?” The dragon spoke to Andy.

“I’m not silly. I am Sir Anderson of Benton.” Andy announced. He didn’t argue the ‘little’ compared to the dragon he was little.

“Humph,” Came from the dragon. “Well, I am Grey, son of Grey, Lord of this mountain. I hold the deed. This gravel pile is mine.”

“The king of Perry has sent me to dispatch you.” Andy declared. “He is tired of you eating his sheep and chasing his deer.”

“I don’t eat sheep! They smell and taste almost as bad as humans. And their wool catches between my teeth. Took me a month to clean my teeth last time I ate one. That has been over fifty years ago. That was before the kingdom of Perry existed Sir Andy.” With that, the dragon glared at Andy.

Even with the wind blowing across the top of the trees the sunny spot Andy stood in was hot. He needed to complete his task before long. Else he would die of thirst. If he ran up to the dragon, he might get a lucky blow and slay it quickly. The problem was that the dragon was halfway up the hill. With the weight of his armor and how steep the hill was, he could not run fast enough to surprise the beast. Andy wished that his canteen of water had not been tied to his horse.

Grey was getting thirsty. He had a fresh batch of root beer in the cave. The problem was that the cave was down the hill and to the left of that silly knight. A thought occurred to him.

The dragon spoke. “I make my own root beer.”

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