Thor Thorsen

So this character appeared while I was trying to write something. I’m not sure what to do with him. He would fit into the dragon spine world, I suppose.

Thor Thorsen shared the family name with his father and his grandfather. If family history was to be believed he shared it with his grandfather’s grandfather. Somewhere in the distant past the family stories claimed that they were descended for the god Thor. That was why all firstborn males were named Thor.

A family tradition he would gladly abandon it he could. His mother was already matching him with a second cousin named Sif. Another family tradition. His mother was named Sif as was his grandmother. He was expected to marry a Sif. He had avoided that fate by joining the kings service when he was 15. The earliest they took students at Virkiflyot. If he had waited another year, he would have been married to his second cousin. Not that she wasn’t a pleasant enough girl. As his younger brother, Connor, had observed she was quite comely. Yet he wished that he had some choice in the matter. The kings college and service in the kings army gave him the best hope of finding a Sif of his own choice. Not one of necessity but of choice. So far, he had only met three women named Sif. The prettiest and closest to his age wasn’t interested in him and a rebuffed his advances. The other two were almost twice his age, maybe older.

About Dale

Stories have been a part of my life forever. I have heard them, read them, and told them as long as I can remember. I’ve written hundreds of stories. Bits and pieces of stories. This is my first novel. It is the result of a story that refused to die. It kept unreeling in my mind. After a year of this haunting, I had no choice but to write it. What started as a simple damsel in distress story changed once I met the damsel. As I wrote this set of stories the world I imagined grew. After rewrites, revisions, and letting it bake. I’ve discovered more. More of the politics of the region. More relationships between people. Now as I begin a sequel to this first book, I’m finding more complexity than I ever imagined and more loose strings that need to be explored.
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