When did you first love me, Dad?
You loved Mom
  You laughed and played with her
You made love with her
   — If we reduce that to you had sex — we miss the miracle —
You lived life together and in the course of time
  a child was conceived
  a birth occurred
You held me in your hands
You smiled at me
You rocked me and carried me
When did you first love me?
You taught me to walk
and you taught me to talk
You cradled me
  and wrestled with me
I learned to love reading
   from you
I learned to climb trees
  from you
We mowed the yard
and built tree houses together
I drove your car
  and dented it.
I became a man
  by watching you
Understood compassion
  and doing right
  Watching you
Watching you and mom
 I learned of LOVE
When did you first love me?

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