Something More

Something More

Someone more


In an Ideal World a child would grow into someone more. A father and a mother would grow into someone more.  A child wouldn’t need to become independent and separate. A father wouldn’t struggle to relinquish his authority. They would grow to something more. They would become something better.


Friends, no Companions – Fellow pilgrims in this life.


The reality is no one is independent. We are all interconnected and we all need each other. And fathers and mothers have no real authority; no ownership of a child’s life. It is just for a short time they need to give more – more love – more affection – more support – more encouragement – and yes more training and teaching.


Sometimes a friend becomes more than a friend. Sometimes a spouse becomes more than a spouse. Sometimes a child becomes more than a child (Though they always will be our child) We all need the more.


There are kinships thicker than blood.

Friendships deeper than worship

Bonds stronger than needs

Currents from the heart of  God



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