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Memories of my Grandfather Bare

My memories about of my Grandpa Bare are vague and assisted by old home movies (That I seem to have misplaced). I remember once or possibly twenty times going to the old home place to visit. Once Dad was taking … Continue reading

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As I remember.

I wrote this some time ago. Thought I would share this here I was around 10 the first time I saw an African-American. Two dark men in work clothes had backed a truck full of hay up to my Cub … Continue reading

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So I got control of the twitter account using my email. The twitter agents were helpful. It was more of waiting, than anything else. So now I need to do more writing.

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I’m all atwitter tonight because of twitter. On the advice of my Niece, Amy, I decided to open a twitter account. Much to my surprise I discovered that there was already and account open under my preferred email address. Not … Continue reading

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The book

So I finally finished the re-write. Major struggle that it was. I cut about 10% from the book. Took out at lease on story line. And now I’m ready to start submitting again.

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